Friday, May 18, 2012

Octonauts Party

I'd like to use the excuse that its taken a month to recover from the birthday parties - but that's not strictly true.....Although there is no denying a full on kiddie party is hard work!  It was  all worth it, to see my eldest squeal with delight to have her friends at HER party.  It was Octonauts themed as requested, most ideas stolen used from Pinterest.  
I hung blue streamers from the archway to create an entrance way into the underwater world.  As kids arrived they went straight to a craft activity, making either jelly fish (from paper bowls, streamers & googly eyes) or fish from paper plates. I would recommend having an activity to hand as people always arrive in dribs and drabs.  
They then played 'Pin the patch on Kwazii', unfortunately we forgot to take a picture of this. I order the poster from Etsy and Mr Maker printed off a super sized version at work.  
Speaking of Mr Maker, his mornings preparation for the party was the map for the treasure hunt. And what a creation that was! (one would hope so as it took him 1 1/2 hrs to draw, yup, really).  The treasure hunt was a great success, and took longer than anticipated which was a bonus.  He put the kids in teams for 2 or 3 and gave them an empty party bag each.  The hunt started when each team was given a picture clue. At this location (e.g. inside washing machine, BBQ etc) they found their beautiful map which was marked with red X's - the treasure bags.  The treasure bags were marked with a letter and contained 'goodies' which they all took, one of from each location.   After visiting every treasure bag they unscrambled the letters to make the word, and win the treasure hunt!
Anyway, enough games onto the food....
The table

Cheese straws
fish sandwiches
Goldfish (obs!)
carrots & toms + dip
hot dog squid
clam & pearl biscuits/cookies
Captain Barnacles cake

fish sandwiches on seaweed

Octopus dip
Pearl clams
My personal favourite are the clams, aren't they cute?!! I bought the biscuits (cookies) and made some butter icing which I coloured pink.  The pearl is a yoghurt covered raisin and the eyes are dots of black icing. 
Captain Barnacles cake
And here is the man bear himself.  Phew, glad the parties are all over for another year! Happy 5th year to a gorgeous girl xxx


  1. The pictures suggest that the Octonauts party was a blast! You can see on the kids' faces that they enjoyed it. Well, it's probably because of the fun activities they had. They were all very creative. They made awesome things out of paper plates. But what I like the most is how they made the food more appetizing. The octopus dip was the best for me!

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Co., Inc

    1. Thanks for your comments Clay. I was pleased with how the food turned out, it was a lot of work! My favorite were the clam shell cookies.

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  3. Good luck when she ask for Dashi or Tweak cake. She will if stays fan of it. Tweak's ears and Dashi's hair clips will prevent issue. For hair clips can be insane and stick real hair clips that match in or try to pipe them. Tweak's ears make you need to be extremely careful with so cake doesn't break defintly more issue if she ask for Tweak. I get feeling if she is fan at 5 she will stay octonauts fan for very long time. Is the octopus a yellow bell pepper?

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