Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby Romper

Even though I have made many gifts for friends which have been greatly appreciated, I do still feel a little nervous that my creations will be dismissed as 'homemade' (said in derogatory tone).  
I made a simple skirt & hair clip for a friends daughter's 2nd birthday and it was gratefully received. Phew. You know, you just can't tell with some people if they get it or not!

So gratefully received was the skirt that she asked me to make the coming home from hospital outfit for her unborn child. Gulp. Now how is that for a nerve making task?!!  She had seen this gorgeous romper from the Tea Collection but she was concerned it would not be small enough for her wee newborn.

Ardmore flutter sleeve romper - Tea Collection
Any excuse to do a spot of online fabric shopping & I'm in! I bought this bevvy of beauties from this Etsy shop.  

My original thoughts were to use the Ann Marie Horner (first left) which was the fabric that popped into my head when I saw the Tea romper. However it was a little to busy for a newborn so I went with the Valori Wells, Wrenly.

For one of the first times ever I used a pattern.  Not sure why as it was such a basic shape and I altered the sleeves, added a pocket & adjusted the size!  The pattern was for a peasant dress from Sew much Ado which I printed out at 90%.  I basically followed her instructions but slimmed down the sleeves and omitted the elastic. It is a great tutorial and easy to follow, so if you feel nervous about going it alone head over to Sew Much Ado.

1. Attach sleeves to bodice 

2. Hem sleeves and finish seams

3. Hem neck, leaving gap to allow for elastic around neck
4. Thread elastic through neck and secure. 
5. Sew side seams and finish edges
To create the ever so slight 'bubble' hem and therefore turn the dress into a romper I added elastic to the hem.  Firstly pin the middle of the front & back hem then sew the hem (wide enough to fit elastic through) from front middle to back and then repeat for the other leg.  Add the elastic and gather to desired width.  Mine is not quite bubbled enough; I didn't want the elastic tight on those little newborn legs. Next time I would add a little extra width to the garment to allow for a better gather.

Secure poppers to centre of bottom hem
Bang in, literally, the popper studs et voila! Dress into romper.  I added a little pocket to give a front and back.

What do you think?!  I hope she likes it!  What do you make for friends babies? I have another newborn project to start, a blanket this time me thinks!