Gallery of Makes pre blog

Here are some of my previous makes mentioned (or not) in the blog. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Alphabet Wall

To help my girls learn their letters.  The irony is that by the time the letters were all up the eldest knew them all, but we do still look at it in case she  forgets...Many were thrift store finds which I doctored (all less than a dollar) or home made.  The most expensive was the metal C from UrbanOutfitters.  My favourite is the pom pom dotted i.

Roman blinds

A pair made from this fab Amy Butler fabric.  I used black out lining to give them a bit of weight as the fabric is not specifically for home decor, and because I had some left over from a previous project.


The original purpose for the black out lining, daughter no. 1's bedroom curtains...This is Moda fabric - I have yet to find one I don't love. As I continue to blog you will discover my fetish for all things birdie. This fabric is called "Its a Hoot" - how could I resist?

Fairy wings 

What can I say? Every little girl needs a pair

Embellished vest

Although I did decide 4 and a little bit was too old to be in fairy wings so she got a flower on hers instead.

Birthday cakes

Most of April is spent gorging on Birthday cake in our house; whether its the off cuts or the lurid iced version. Both girls chose their designs (after weeks of deliberation) from the fantastic Australian Women's Weekly Kid's Birthday Cakes book.  I use the recipe they give for the basic sponge.  Comes out perfectly light and moist every time, if I do say so myself..

Crocheted baby blanket
This is a gift for my friends baby who is due any day now...Hope he/she likes it!
I had vague recollections of doing crochet while at school but couldn't remember the details.  After assistance from a very crafty friend in the UK via skype, a one on one tutorial with a Mum friend here & YouTube clips I cracked it.


  1. Let Hannah and I be the first comment posting on your blog!!!
    Also let it be known that this is practically the first blog that I have ever looked at, so congratulations on dragging your nearly 40 year old cousin into the 21st century.
    Loving the pictures and particularly the alphabet wall and very impressed that E knows her whole alphabet already. Not only are you crafty you are also a tiger mom....
    Surely your cakes should be on there too? Are you going to have a link to all the cousin's creations as I feel there could be a whole load of those too.... Love you.

  2. Think I will put my cakes on there, am going to have "food makes" up there. Would love to have a link to my crafty cousin's creations - are they on the web?! lots of love xx

  3. ...can't believe I missed the gallery bit till now!!! Great job on the Fairy Wings...they look cute as Connie herself! for those Roman blinds...too clever girl! x

  4. Blanket turned out lovely in the end...Really nice colours too. You should see the one I'm doing at the moment. Couldn't make up my mind re colours. It's very budy!

  5. Also, re rainbow cakes a friend showed me this and I thought it was brilliant...