Saturday, June 13, 2015

Anna inspired costume

The Frozen frenzy died down a while ago for my girls (isn't it about time Frozen 2 came out?!) but I think it is still very much alive amongst the younger ones. If our recent trip to Disneyland and the number of kids in Elsa costumes is anything to go by.  

My goddaughter was a little late to the Frozen party, in fact to the whole movie watching thing, so she is still very much a rampant fan.  I decided to make her an Anna costume for her birthday (Thanks Rob for the inspiration!). The sewing element is very simple and the techniques could be applied for any number of princesses, if you are that way inclined.

The skirt is a basic circle skirt with elastic sewed directly into the waistband.  Circle skirts are so easy to do and give the desired swirlyness. The cape is then the same principle except you then cut the circle of fabric to give the opening and instead of attaching a waist band you attach a hood.  I chose fleece for the cape which doesn't require any hemming, bonus!

To make the bodice I used one of my daughters vest tops as a template to cut out the basic design. Then created a velcro fastening at the back for ease of on/off.  

Cape detail
The great thing about making dress up costumes is you don't need to be too hung up on perfection; just make sure your seams are good and strong as these outfits can get ripped on and off at lightening speed several hundred times a day!

I am pleased to report the outfit was well received - "Best present EVER!" was mentioned!