As a young girl I always loved to make things. Whether it was following along with Blue Peter or making biscuits from my Mum's Robert Carrier cook books (chef du jour of the 80s).  I can remember one of the first things I made on the sewing machine - a green stretch tube skirt when I was 11 or 12. 

I was very lucky at school; we did sewing, pottery, art and home economics (cooking) from the age of 11-16.  I really appreciate the basics that I was taught. 

Fast forward to my life now. Prior to moving to the US I was/am a geography teacher.   It is a job I love and a subject I am passionate about; people & place, its what its all about!  I have always cooked but my other creative outlets took a back seat for a few years.

Now I find myself living in the US and not working I have plenty of time to get my Make on!

Me & my family