Monday, March 24, 2014

Which Rug?

We are on the home straight in terms of our house renovations - whoop whoop!!! We are about to pull the trigger on the engineered hardwood floors and once we've laid those we are finished, well on the inside of the house anyway. The garden is another story.

I decorated the front sitting room about a month ago (post to come) and since then I have spent a disproportional about of time debating what type of rug to get. I think it may have something to do with the fact I don't work or get out much.....

Of course I would love to have one from my very talented cousin Lucy Wassell but sadly she is way out of my price range (she designs rugs which are hand tufted in the UK). 

I have narrowed my choices down to a few options.
  1. Ikea Stockholm rug A bargain at $299 for a massive 8'x11' rug.

Source: Emily Henderson

2. Rugs USA Homespun Medea Chevron Rug Currently on sale at $309. 
Not sure I am 100% sold on the black/white/chevron theme. A little passe non? 

Source: RugsUSA

3. Vintage Kilim Rug This is a beautiful rug made in a traditional style from goat hair no less! Also a very good price at $259 for a large rug. Would it make my house smell of goats?!
Source: Ebay

4. Anatolian Turkish Classic Antalya Kilim Rug. Another ebay find. I think this is my favourite, typical as its the most expensive at $599! Although this type of kilim rug is a bit 'trendy' at the moment so that gives me slight reservations. 

Source: Ebay

So what do you think? I would love some thoughts. I am determined to make a decision, soon.

BTW NO ONE is allowed to go and buy 'my' rugs from Ebay ;)  

Alice x