Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wooden Christmas Trees

The American ways are slowly creeping into my being. One of which is to decorate every surface in every room at 'holiday' time.  I love Christmas and am so excited we will be in our own home this year; so its not been hard to embrace this tradition.   

Hello to my forest of wooden Christmas trees! Aren't they cute?!  

I started with a strip of balsa wood (3/32"x 4"x 36") which you can get from craft stores for a couple of bucks.

Using a craft knife & ruler cut out 2 triangles of equal size. My largest was 6" tall and the width of the wood which was 4". Find the centre line of the triangle. The first tree I drew this on but after that I did it by eye which was easy when you use a cutting mat.  Then cut a notch a few millimeters wide from the top of the triangle to the centre point on your middle line.  Then repeat from the bottom up.   

Now slot the triangle together to make a Christmas tree!

You can use the off cuts to make up smaller trees.  I used up the strip of balsa wood and it gave me 7 trees.

The forest took less than an hour to make and cost only a few dollars.  And its great therapy to stop, sit down and make something at this busy time of year. Well it is for me anyway :-)

Happy Christmas!

Sorry girls, no inflatable Santa on the front lawn. You have to draw a line at some  point.