Friday, October 14, 2011

Tooth Fairy pillow

My nephew has lost his first tooth, congratulations Thomas! He had been furiously wobbling the tooth for months and then finally it happened whilst eating a pear at school.  Unfortunately the tooth went the way of the pear never to be seen again.
As you can imagine there was much debate and discussion; how would the Tooth Fairy know to come if there was no tooth to take?  My sister suggested writing the Tooth Fairy a letter explaining the ill-fated events which Thomas did.  His suggestion was to sleep with his mouth open so the Tooth Fairy could see the missing tooth, which he also did.  The two pronged approach was successful and he found a pound coin under his pillow the next morning.
To save such dramas next time I made a little Tooth pillow.  It can be left out for Tooth Fairy, with or without a tooth inside.

There are many different versions of similar things out there in the blogworld. Some quite cutesy, like this one and some are a bit more simple, like this one. My version was super easy and quick.  That's the kind of make I like!

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