Friday, March 30, 2012

One down....Nine to go

The duck is broken, or in other words I have finally finished decorating the guest bedroom.  I decided to do the guest room first for a number of reasons; it had the least amount of furniture in it (therefore less shifting around), it was a neutral colour to start with (minimal coats of paint required) & my lovely friend and her baby were coming to visit. I like need a deadline to work towards!  I got the walls painted before J & P arrived then had a break for a couple of weeks whilst they were here, & finally finished off this week.
It has turned out quite 'pretty', which isn't necessarily my taste, however I wanted the decor to have universal appeal.  But I am loving the thrifted elements.
I think I love the bedside tables the best! Recognise the the vintage soda crates?  Two sandwiched together make a perfect side table.  They could do with a piece of glass cut to size for the top, at the moment old InStyle magazines are doing the job.  The  bedside lamps were $16 for both of them from my local ReStore, what a bargain!

Also another thrifted find was the embroidery hoops, $6 bucks for the three.  The girls and I loved going through my fabric stash to find the right fabric to go in them.  I like the thought that I can change the fabric when the mood takes me.  The idea is all over Pinterest (what idea isn't?!).
Other elements of the room - pictures are prints from the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, chair from my mother in law (I think!), bedlinen & cushions from Ikea.  I am on the hunt for a picture to go above the bed...


  1. I love how fresh and clean it looks and the hoops look amazing...The crates are also my fave. You have been busy!

  2. What a lovely makeover and I love the old crates.

    Nina x