Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So it is now a post a month; all I can say is I'm not proud of my lack of commitment but I will try harder!  Thank you Kate for the gentle nudge to get me going again.  Needless to say I have not been resting on my laurels this past month.  I have decorated the guest bedroom & painted the spare bed.  When I have finished the last few snags on the list I will give you the grand reveal.

Visiting the thrift store(s) has been a constant over the past months, despite moving house and having visitors so I thought I would share some of my finds with you.  Moving house has given my thrifting a renewed focus & energy.  Thrifting is big here in the USA.   I am curious of others thrifting habits - How often do you frequent your local thrift store?  How far do you travel to solely visit a thrift store?  Do you ever haggle on price? Go on, share you secrets with me!

This old glass lampshades were $4 for the 3 of them from our local ReStore.  I am hoping Mr Maker will be able to make them into something like these ones I've seen at Terrain & cb2, for a fraction of the price of course!
firefly pendant lamp - CB2

Mason jar pendant - Terrain
My best score was this mid century modern side table, only 10 bucks from Goodwill.  It is a bit of an odd size - too big for a side table, too small for a coffee table. As you can see from the pictures it has a few scratches but I think I can get those out, and if I don't find a home for it I can always sell it on for a profit. Kerching! 

I like to have one (or maybe several) constants when thrifting; something I always keep an eye out for even when I am on the hunt for a specific piece. At the moment that constant is plates or trays.  I want to decorate one of the kitchen walls with plates, as I've seen on Pinterest.
apartmenttherapy.com. Lisa & Clay's home
The collection has started with a kitsch tin tray from 1971, actually made in the UK ($3 Goodwill) and a bold flower motif plate/tray which was expensive at $15.  A great start to the collection though.
I hope you like my purchases. Not 'makes' I know but they will be made part of our lovely new home, ahhh!

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