Monday, July 23, 2012

50 shades of grey

Our house not the novel.  It seems to be my default colour at the moment, I am envisaging the whole house turning a shade of grey even the exterior.  Is that OK?!  To me it is an easy neutral - in Connie's room it is tied with red & turquoise (see below) and in the sitting room its going to be paired with yellow & teal blue.  Grey just works! 
Another bedroom is done. Slightly more painful than the last due to the school holidays and the girls wanting to 'help' at every stage and the bad DIY 80's paint effects done by the previous owners. Curses to bad taste DIY jobs.  
Before (with potty!)
The chair rail, or rather the mess it left behind when I removed it was the real killer. It took 3 lots of sanding/filling, 2 coats of primer and some spray stuff to even out the finish.  You can still see a faint line in places but with furniture in one can't notice.

texture evened out
 I love that so much of her room is thrifted or re purposed.  The only new thing is the Melissa & Doug kitchen, the bed was new to us, handed down from Esme to Connie! 

Looking through the mirrored cupboard doors

Reading corner.  I made the bean bag nearly a year ago, didn't blog it, sorry!

The map cupboard contains her special trinkets, the 'china' cat is the current favourite! Her chest of drawers was an ebay purchase just before she was born.  

 Great to find a home for the alphabet wall, it looks so much better on the pale walls compared to the wooden cladding it was on in our old house.

Onto the next project - a quilt for her bed. Have ordered some delicious fabrics from Fabricworm, can't wait to get started!

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