Thursday, June 28, 2012

2 down...

Esme's bedroom has been finished on the DIY front for a few weeks now (just need a chair for her desk), so I am ready to begin Connie's room.  However before I roll up my sleeves again I thought I would post some pictures.

The walls are painted in Alabaster by Benjamin Moore; it is a chalky chamomile lotion pink/white which you can't really see from my bad photo.  The curtains are from her old bedroom with grommets punched in so they can fit the pole and the ceiling fan you can just see is Minke Aire (expensive but well worth the pennies). 

The bookshelves are Ribba picture ledges from Ikea.  The best comment was from my youngest when she saw all the books out on the shelves "Mummy it makes me want to read books & books!" Box ticked me thinks. 

These adorable little pictures were from the Rose Bowl Flea Market, the best part of the room in my opinion.

The 'washing line' is picture wire & I covered regular wooden pegs in wrapping paper.  A place to display pictures, favourite drawings & key words.

The desk is an old sewing machine table which I spruced up with a fewseveral coats of paint.  You can see the transformation on this earlier post.

And of course her quilt, which she is now happily sleeping under.

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