Saturday, June 23, 2012


I have made my first quilt.  It really was easier than I thought, although saying that lovely Nancy did the actually quilting part for me. Hope that is OK for quilt purists?!

The fun starts with choosing your fabrics.  I had accumulated mine for nearly a  year.  The bunnies were my bedroom curtains as a little girl (which my Mum made), she says the fabric was from Conran, although they do not do fabric's any more.  The ditsy pink flowers are a gorgeous Liberty tana lawn print (True Up gives a great list of stockists) which I got last summer when I was in the UK.  Several are Innocent Crush by Ann Marie Horner and the last fabric is the third curtain from her old bedroom which was no longer needed.

First job is to cut out the squares. I did 8" squares as recommended by my friend's Mum (thanks Colleen!) with 5 across & 10 long.  Then lay out the squares in your desired pattern, which takes a bit of jigging around to get the look right.  
Sew the rows of blocks together first with 1/4" seams. It was easier just to lay the fabric together rather than pin, it sat flatter.  
Press the seams to one side then join each row together to make the finished quilt. I did pin the rows together as you need to be as exact as possible.  I understand that other quilters unpick if their joins are off, the bodger in my didn't bother!

Nearly all the corners are like this...

The odd one is like this...
I decided to give the quilt a border which I squared off at the corners. I would have liked to mitre the corners but I didn't have enough fabric.  This was 6" wide as that was all the fabric I had.
The front, batting & back fabric was magically quilted together by Nancy whilst I made up the bias binding.  At her recommendation I made it 2 3/4" wide which I pressed in half (good sides out).  Machined sewed it to the front then pressed.  I used hair clips to hold it in place (it sits flatter) while I hand stitched the other edge to the back of the quilt.

 Yay! Finished!  It was used for the first time last night, hopefully the first night of many more. Sweet dreams Esme!

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