Friday, January 31, 2014

Master bedroom make over

The fourth and final bedroom is now decorated, yay! Of course it is a shade of grey, but I would like to say the inspiration for my colour scheme came from various sources not just the book of grey.

My husband bought these little glasses for me from a yard sale over the road from us.  He knows me well, I love the sugary colours of them.

The swallows duvet cover set was a gift from my parents from Heals (I don't 'do' ironing as you can see!). Sadly they don't stock it anymore. The colours seem to compliment the glasses which then led to my fabric choice for the curtains...Malin Cirkel from Ikea.  It is a lightweight cotton which was fine for these curtains as they are just decorative panels, and bonus - only $5.99 a yard.
We opted for a double cell black out shade from as we get full sun coming in the window during the summer months.

My cheap as chips curtains and rod were a breeze to do and added bonus they do actually draw!

The night stands were a craigslist score which I painted and changed the handles. And of course my first attempt at upholstering a chair; if I dare to be so bold, I would say it was actually easy!

I just love how the room as come together, although now the carpet looks shabby! Doesn't that always happen after you paint?!

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