Monday, October 29, 2012

Symmetry in night stands

I am feeling a tiniest bit guilty as we have started our bathroom remodel and here I am sat at the computer. In my defense I have done a dump run (What an experience; US dumps are MEGA in comparison to our little UK ones!), cleared up after my husbands demo yesterday & attempted to get the vinyl floor tiles up. If I take a closer look my guilt may be because I gave up a little too quickly on those floor tiles...

Anyway back to the safety of completed projects.

Matching nightstands seem to appeal to the slight OCD in me, I like the symmetry.  This is the first time we've matched on both sides of the bed; my previous bedside table is one my Grandpop made (he was a carpenter) in the 50's so I was loathed to replace it.  However my husbands was not so pretty, nor did it hold such sentimental value - he picked it out of the dump (literally) about 5 years ago. Of course we still have Grandpop's table but the dump find has returned to its humble beginnings.

This pair of nightstands were a Craigslist find for $25. I picked them up on the way home from dropping my daughter at playschool, I think she would have given them to me for free she was that desperate to get rid of them.  They are really quite sturdy, more so than Ikea, & cost a lot less too. Gotta love Craigslist!

They required a heavy sand down and 2 coats of primer before I started painting.  I used paint I had; white used for trim & the grey is from my daughters desk.  The handles were also 'free' from Home Depot as I had a rebate card from some paint offer.  

What you have beside your bed says a lot about you. Me - book (Barbara Kingslover: Prodigal Summer), InStyle & The  Week magazines, a picture from India, heart made by my niece & nephew, Bliss hand cream (the best) & alarm clock. My husband - Bike Snob book, Wired magazine & Bird clock.  He is a bike loving, techie twitcher.

Does your bedside table reflect you?!  

Back to those floor tiles...

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