Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Post

Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog. As you may, or may not, have gathered I am a Brit who's life and love has brought me to glorious Southern California.  My husband (Mr Maker, sometimes) got a job here so we upped sticks from the UK and set up camp here with our 2 little girls aged 4 & 2.

We have been in the US for just over 6 months and a lot of making has gone on in this house already.  Can I back post?!  There have been many things to settle us into our new home; curtains & blinds in our bedrooms to keep that SoCal sun out, strawberry jam, fairy wings for my little fat fairy, cushions for inside & outside, a crocheted blanket for our dearest friends baby (due any day now), an alphabet wall to name but a few. And that doesn't even touch on Mr Maker's triumph's!

I am lucky to have a very wonderful husband who is also a Maker.  He rigged up my yard sale lampshade ($4) which has put yellow up there as a favourite colour of the moment, built us a truely beautiful table & made us too many bread products to mention.  We are currently enjoying his sourdough wholemeal rolls......yum

I want this blog to capture & share "my makes" and chart my journey as I tackle more adventurous projects. I'm cultivating the thought of making a quilt for my eldest daughter's bed...There I've said it out loud I shall have to do it!

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Brilliant...yes, you can back post...that is what I intend to do anyway! I shall be checking in regularly...Can't wait to get mine started's the name that's the problem...good one by the way. Love it! X