Friday, June 3, 2011

Nifty Thrifty find

I like to think I am becoming pretty good at trawling our local thrift stores.  You need a system to cover the ground, they are the size of small aircraft hangers, and my window of opportunity is often small.  I work the rails with the "look and feel approach".  Looking for eye catching prints/patterns and feeling for natural fibres. 

I spotted this lovely little (large) skirt last week and couldn't resist the spots.

I pinned myself in on the opposite side to the zip then chopped off the excess and happily added it to my scraps pile.  Whizzed up the seam and tidied the edge with overcasting stitch.  All a breeze on my super doop new sewing machine
I then unpicked the pocket (Isn't unpicking enjoyable when its not your own work?) and added it on to the finished skirt in approximately the right spot (!).

So technically not a make, but a redo.  The Week  stated that a poll of 2000 British women said the mini skirt was a no-no after 35. The source of said poll, Daily Mail. What more can I say?! 


  1. That's really cool...wish the charity shops here were that big or had anything that nice in them!