Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer is here

It has been in the low 30's (that is Celsius) this week and set to hit 36oC next week, it really is hotting up here in SoCal. Night times are cooler but poor little daughter number one has been getting pretty sweaty in her regular  pj's so I thought I would make her a nightie.
I got a yard of appealing linen/cotton blend from Joann's, which with the 40% preferred customer discount worked out to be less than 10 bucks. I briefly toyed with the idea of following a pattern, but as they were the same price as the fabric (and I am scared of them) decided to "freestyle".

I used an existing dress and vest top to cut out the shape of the nightie.

Hemmed the bottom of the two sides (front & back of the nightie), used a fagoting stitch to secure the curved hems of the arm holes & neck (and because it looked pretty) on the front & back pieces, whizzed up the side seams to make the nightie and finished them with overcasting stitch. 
Last but not least joined the shoulder seams and double hemmed (is that a used sewing term?!) them so they sat flat on her shoulder.
It is not amazingly neat or well finished but I am happy in the knowledge she will be cooler at night and that she loves the fact Mummy made her nightie!

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