Friday, April 19, 2013

A sweet en suite

There's nothing like having one splendid new, clean bathroom to spur you into action to remodel your other bathroom. This time our ensuite. Confidient of my new found tiling skills and general prowess in the whole bathroom remodel thang, I set to work whilst Mr Maker was out of town.  I lay the shower tiles first, which slapped down in an evening. Then the floor tile next; I was ignoring the elephant in the room, the 3 walls of floor to ceiling subway tile for the shower surround.  As with most projects the hardest part is starting, once I'd got Women's Hour up and running I was happy & off.  Unfortunately Mr M hadn't trained me up on using the tile cutter (one power tool at a time) so a few late nights on his return meant we finally finished off the tiling in a couple of weeks.

The scales were beginning to tip in our favour with the 'to do list' and only the odd mishap to over come (hole in pipe behind the wall behind the vanity unit anyone?!) not to mention trying to fit a glass shower screen after a few too many beers at a friends BBQ.  Have you seen the Matrix? Mr M acomplished a move similar to one of Tom Cruises' whilst getting a large piece of glass through a not so large frame whilst I was collapsed on the shower floor in hysterics. Who says DIY isn't fun?!

The shelves were my first attempt at carpentry. Don't think I'll be reaching for those tools again any time soon.  Despite being quite a good baker of cakes, I know that I am no good at doing things accurately. Carpentry is one of those things that requires accuracy.  I used Ana White's plans which I found over at YHL which were great and easier to follow.  You can just about see from the picture above the edging is rather, ahem, homemade

The picture is one of my own Instagrams which I got printed up onto canvas at  I love that its a local scene & the sky colour compliments the teal towel & bath mat. 

The shower tiles were from Home Depot (Carrara marble mosaic & accent tiles and subway wall tiles).  The floor tiles are porcelain (made to look like marble-ish!) were from Lowes.

From start to finish the remodel took us 8 weeks which we are a little bit proud of, considering Mr M was away 2 of those weeks. What do you think? What's the average time scale of your projects?

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