Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thrifty scores and Johnathan Adler

I do love all of Johnathan Adler's pieces especially his ceramics. In my teenage years and early twenties I went through a pottery phase so I am drawn to beautiful ceramics (how Adler first started out) of which he has an alluring collection.  However there is some thing about the scale of production and the vast range he now has that I find slightly off putting. And what's with the drug references; stash boxes & 'shrooms ?! Come on, drugs are not cool. And I haven't even mentioned the prices.....

Nonetheless I am citing Johnathan Adler as inspiration for my recent thrift scores.

Jonathan Adler charade studded taper vase $88
Alice Crick salt n' pepper vases $3
Honestly I would choose JA's vase over mine but these little salt and pepper shakers are super cute and great for displaying single stems.

Jonathan Adler two tier table $795.00

Alice Crick single tier table $14.99
I was stoked to find this gem.  It was a bit of a frivolous purchase as we don't really need another table (don't tell Mr M but I currently have 4 'spare' tables which I've thrifted needing varying degrees of attention) but you know what its like, one can't pass up a good deal!  It needs a bit of TLC - a sand down and respray and switch out of the 70's smoked glass for clear and bam she'll be good to go.  I might be able to find a home for her then...  
This purchase has spurred me on to start on the next room in our home - the sitting room.

Have you had any good thrift scores this week? Are you a Jonathan Adler fan?

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