Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Children's duvet cover

After finally acknowledging Ikea were not going to get the Minnen bed back in stock (hence the link to the UAE Ikea!) I decided we needed to pursue another option to get my youngest into a "big girls bed".  So yet again my eldest lucks out and gets new & youngest gets the hand me down.  Its a hard life being the youngest!  Daughter number one has got a new bed and youngest got her Minnen bed handed down. It really is a great bed as it goes super small for the mini toddler, which she is, but will also extend to full size single bed when she grows.

This all happened before Christmas & I have just got round to finishing her duvet cover & pillow case to match her room. I used a flat single sheet and scraps from my stash (the turquoise/red flowers is her curtain material). I did button holes for the first time, so easy, I will be doing that again.

She is tickled to be in a "big girls bed" and have her own duvet cover which Mummy made. That is a good thing about the youngest; standards are set low & they are easily pleased!!

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