Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Easy as ABC

We have bought a house! Yay/gulp! Believe it or not we are looking forward to getting stuck into DIY and transforming a chintzy bungalow into a welcoming family home.  Move in date is a few weeks away so I am frantically trying to finish off projects on my spreadsheet before I get bogged down with painting & decorating in our new home.
My first goal, when we move in, is to get the girl's rooms finished. So when I saw this little shelf at the thrift store I lept on it as I could see its new life in my youngest daughter's bedroom.
This little project took a lot longer than it should have.  First job was to sand it down, straight forward enough. I then covered the letters with masking tape as they didn't need repainting.  On to spray painting. 3 coats later decided I should be filling the cracks and screw holes.  Filled & then an extra coat of spray paint. Looked rubbish. Spray paint doesn't give good coverage over filler, in my experience. Then went down the traditional route of paint & brush.  Much better, paint is great for wodging into small cracks and giving a smoother finish to a crappy piece of wood.  Removed masking tape, spray paint all over letters.  Third trip to Home Depot to get paint for letters. 3 coats of paint on letters. Job done.
No picture with daughter number 2 perusing her books on their new shelf; she has her first morning at play school. Yay again!  Now I can get on with the bean bag I want to make for her to sit on while she reads her books...

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  1. Wow congrats on house purchase!!! ABC looks really good although sounds like was quite hard work. House pics soon pls!