Saturday, January 14, 2012


I had a moan in a previous post about the lack of decent breakfast cereals sans sugar which prompted me to start making granola again.  The girls have tired of the 500 chews-a-bowl granola so we have moved onto muesli.  Muesli doesn't seem to feature here in the USA as much, not like the ubiquitous Alpen which dominated the muesli market in the UK for decades (its Swiss ergo it must be good was the thought of housewives in the 70's!).
Its a bit of swiz to call this a recipe as the formula changes each time I make it but I do try to keep the ratio of ingredients the same.  I have found Stater Bros are the cheapest for organic cereals.  Organic ones tend to use different types of grains & are less processed, do read the labels as they still throw in plenty of sugar to many of them.  I get the nuts & dried fruits from Trader Joe's.

2 cups of quick cook rolled oats (ie. not jumbo ones)
1 cup of unsweetened puffed rice/wheat 
1 cup of flakes - current mix has flax flakes
1 cup of unsweetened dessicated coconut
1 cup of raisins/sultanas/dried apricots 
1 cup of almond slivers or whole nuts 
1 cup of other - fruit,nuts or seeds that you've got kicking about

Now comes the really tricky bit, mix them all together and there you have it! Store in an air tight container and watch it disappear. This quantity barely lasts a week in our house.  You could improve it by toasting the oats and the coconut, adding in more glamorous fruit &/or nuts or even chocolate chips for real luxury...

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