Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stationery holder

The girls of the family are heading back to Blighty for my Mum's 70th birthday party (amongst other things) at the end of August. I am all to aware of the 11 hour flight & the need to keep 2 little girls entertained (to be fair to them the novelty of squeezing into the tiny loo & going to the loo should keep them occupied for a good 5 hours).  
So I am coming up with things to keep them busy.  I had been coveting this fabric for a while but couldn't really put it to use until now!  Quite apt as Grandma & Grandpa live in London and no doubt we will be going on a bus & in a taxi at some point.
I made these stationery rolls/holders for them and hope to keep them a surprise until loo trip boredom sets in, or taxing down the runway.

I used the pattern from breadandbuttons which call it a travelling art show pattern.  Its super easy to follow and I knocked them both up in no time.

Wish me luck for that flight ;-)

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  1. Ah, they look beautiful. I love the fabric inside too. I am trying to resist buying fabric at the moment but it's so hard. I have a great game that might kill an hour or so on the plane. I am going to blog about it tomorrow so look out. The kids both loved it today.