Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stone stories

I am totally obsessed with my latest make it is the most addictive crafting I have done recently.
My inspiration/tutorial came from Emily at red bird crafts.  She really does have the stone addiction thing going on as well.  Thank you Emily for sharing your creative ideas and sharing the love for stone stories.
Let me run thorough why I think sticking things onto stones is so wonderfully amazing.
  • Collecting stones.  It is a great excuse to get out and about.  And what child, or adult (OK maybe its just me) doesn't love stones?

picnic by the river, stone collecting
  • Using up scraps.  I now have a second bag of remnants, I save even the most minuscule scrap of fabric to reuse.  Very satisfying.
  • Mod Podge.  What's not to like? Great name, great label
  • They are quick and easy to do.  Once you've decided on your design (I dream about my next creation) all you have to do is cut it out of your chosen fabric & stick onto your chosen stone.
  • And if your still not convinced have a look at these little beauties...

  • They inspire imaginative play. As we speak the dinosaur is roaring at Jess the cat and a story is unfolding..


  1. I love them! What a great idea. Is Mod Podge basically PVA? Lovely blog, Miriam x

  2. Yes, PVA in another form. We are off to the beach tomorrow and very excited about the stone possibilities......!