Saturday, July 20, 2013

A new grey room - Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray

Yes you read it right; another room in our house has been slapped by the grey brush. I can't seem to get enough of it, and also can't think of another colour that I would there you have it.

Contrary to popular decorating trends we have added some walls thus have divided off the hallway from the front sitting room and created a family/ TV room from what was the dining room adjoining the sitting room at the back of the house.  We feel this was a win win for us as we've gained a room and made the sitting room a more usable shape and size (long rectangle as opposed to a long L shaped!).

Our previous home in the UK had small rooms so I found it easy to decorate & dress the new TV room.  It is a really cosy room with a great outlook onto the garden. 

TV in use!

The sofa is Karlstad from Ikea as is the footstool from a very long time ago.  The rug is Rugs USA.

Here is a close up of the wall colour, Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray. I think it is my favourite gray of the house!  The kilim cushion is from this seller at ebay. The poster is by our very talented friend Neil who is The Handmade Cyclist. If you love bikes like we do you will love his artwork.

My Grandma's nursing chair with Nicki McWilliams custard cream cushion (its a British thing in case you are confused!) sits in the corner next to the TV. The curtains are also Ikea.

Connie & I made up this globe, well I allowed her to do the colouring in...which sits on a thrifted table with my tape measures and pliers on the wall next to it.

The view into the 'grown up' sitting room with my beloved mini Bertoia chair.

Have you got the grey/gray bug? Whats your favorite gray? 


  1. Wow...All rugs are extremely beautiful, i think these are Overdyed rugs

    1. Yes, Jesse it is an overdyed rug. I couldn't resist the pink! Thanks for your comment.