Friday, July 5, 2013

Double duty Ikea hack

Double duty table - Ikea hack
The DIY train is rolling again. I am moving my sewing 'stuff' from the sitting room into the spare bedroom. The room is used when we have visitors from the UK (more often than not with our large family!) which adds up to a few months a year.  It seemed logical to give the room another function. 

I wanted a table that could sit at the end of the bed and be useful for guests then modified to become a sewing table and/or desk when life returns to normal.  Introducing the Vika Kaj from Ikea. The lower leg height is perfect to sit at the end of the bed and then it can be raised for sewing/crafting/office needs.  Double bonus I found a table with these legs on Craigslist in Redlands.  Not so pretty is she?

I paid $50 for it, not cheap for a Craigslist find (but cheaper than new).  The black laminate wasn't going to stay so it required a mini make over. Due to the hefty price I delved into the burgeoning paint stores in our garage to refinish her.  After looking at this blog post from Yellow Brick Home (link in name) on how to cover laminate I felt confident of  the transformation (and decided to adopted their two tone idea).  I used a sample pot of Behr paint color matched to BM Elephant Gray on the side of the table, bog standard white eggshell for the top & Rustoleum Lagoon spray paint for the legs (left over from painting a filing cabinet which is now the bedside table in this room).  All covered with 3 or 4 coats of poly finish.

With the legs at the lowest it fits at the end of the bed. Then all you do is turn them to raise the height of the table, very useful in my mind :)

An easy transformation; not technically a hack, more of a repaint. Definitely a double duty table.

Happy weekend folks!

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