Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thrifty & Craiglisty finds

I had the good fortune to find myself at the Long Beach Antique Market this Sunday, and what a Flea Market it is! Predictably massive & jam packed full of flea like treasures. In my opinion it is better than the Rose Bowl Flea Market; not quite some many staged stalls & more you can have a good rummage through.

Only coming away with 3 items and my pocket a mere 35 dollars lighter ensures a visit again very soon (weather permitting).

This little guy fixed his steely glare on me & I couldn't leave him behind.

My next acquisition was a set of pool balls for the princely sum of $15. I'm dead chuffed with these as I've been on the look out for ages.   I saw many at the Rose Bowl for $6 a ball, tusk.  Just need to get a glass jar big enough to display my shiny coloured balls...

The final item purchased was this; I'm not 100% sure what it is but AstroRay one side & turquoise target spaceship the other - whats not to love?! It has been added to my plate collection on the kitchen wall.

With leftover cash burning a hole in my purse I called Ed, a Craigslister who had a number of items I was watching. I arranged to meet him at a local lock up. Lock up, mid afternoon, dubious sounding slightly out of it unknown guy...I felt a teensy bit uneasy. Quick text to Mr with the address just in case we weren't home when he got back that evening... Rest assured Ed was a good guy, just not very many teeth (3 I think) but whoaa what a lock up! It was crammed with goodies. Mainly of the old tool variety which is what I had gone for.  I wish I could have spent the afternoon there....
Aren't these pliers great? (OK just me then).  I think they look kind of prehistoric & the middle one is definitely a relation of the steely eyed parrot.  I plan to hang them on the wall in our new TV room. No idea quite how yet...

Just look at the markings on that one!!! OK - I am sounding weird now (Ed thought I was some tool aficionado! ha!)

 A battered red chest which I hope will be home to our board games etc. when I can find the right place for it.

Any idea what these are? Clue - back on the tool theme...Yup vintage tape measures. Now, I really do love these. My poor quality photo doesn't do them justice.  Behind them is my final purchase from out of the lock up - a percussion drum box thing.  Sounds & looks lovely. I couldn't resist.

Purse another $35 lighter and me incomparably happier. 

Here they are in their new home.

What do you have collections of? Some else got any old tools?!

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